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Launch Pad Radio™ is a weekly morning radio show hosted by Global Executive Media Success Coach Koby Dumas and Isaac DeSoto.

Launch Pad Radio™ emphasizes entrepreneurialism, coaching, and personal development.

With a guest list including best selling authors, public speakers, thriving entrepreneurs, fitness experts, regular everyday people and entertainers, Launch Pad Radio™ is able to touch bases on several different levels with multiple demographics.


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Dec 20

Blogtalk Radio Replay. "Language of the Cosmos" : Lourdes Estrada

When describing life’s cycle and it’s connectivity with the universe it can often be explained as being something indescribable within itself. One thing for sure is, that when all of the planets are in tune we can almost hear them speaking to us; but what are they saying and more importantly how do we speak back to the universe?

Thursday, December 20th, 2018 famed psychic medium Lourdes Estrada will breakdown the Languages of the Universe with Host Koby Dumas.

Tune in at 9am(PST) 12 noon (EST)
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Dec 13

LaunchPad Replay - "Is Quitting an important part of success?"

Do you feel guilty every time you quit something? What if I told you. . . . There is a cool side to quitting! Sometimes winners get out. . . often.

Winners quit all of the time! If you feel you are not on the path that you should be, you are no longer learning, growing or benefitting in your job or your business, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate how you think and process the how you think about quitting. Today on Launch Pad Radio Host’s Koby Dumas, Isaac Desoto, and a few callers discuss the pro’s and con’s of quitting! Join us! Please share your comments. 

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Dec 6

LaunchPad Replay - "Setting up goals to catapult your success journey"

What if I told you that you are time rich and you don’t even know it! Want to get to the core of creating an amazing life? Success is fueled by the way you spend your time which reflects your values, priorities and Goals.

Why is it that some people seem to manage time effectively, and some of us seem to run out of it… but we all have 24 hours in a day right? When you start tracking your time, you often realize that you have more time than you think. Join Host Koby Dumas, and Isaac Desoto as they discuss goal setting, and how to capitalize on making your goals work for you. 

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Nov 29

LaunchPad Replay - "Navigating the emotional roller coaster"

What is Emotion? Emotion is a subjective state that is a reaction to either internal, or external stimuli. Do you have a predisposition to feel certain emotions like fear, and anger?

Fear, happiness, Love, Sadness, Anger, Courage, Like it or not . . . Emotions are here to stay! The key is finding ways to establishing a healthy approach to manage both your positive and negative emotions. Do you want to master your emotions? Find ways to lighten your negative emotional baggage! Host Koby Dumas and Isaac Desoto discuss different emotional scenarios in search of beefing up our concepts of emotions. 

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Nov 15

LaunchPad Replay - "How important is health and fitness on your success journey?"

Looking for ways to improve your health? How important is a fitness plan? Discover ways your health and fitness impacts your success goals.

Launch Pad Radio Replay with Hosts Koby Dumas and Isaac Desoto discuss the connections between health and your success journey.

Always be positive. Think success, not failure. If, for example, you run into a day so hectic that your exercise plans are derailed, don’t focus on the failure of that day. Focus on how to make the next day better.

Take charge of your thoughts instead of feeling overwhelmed. Restrategize. For exercise, develop a shorter, more convenient workout that you can use on unusually busy days. Don’t ever think “All or nothing.” Twenty minutes of activity is far better than none. Get more Golden Nuggets by tuning in! 

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Nov 8

LaunchPad Replay - "Leadership: Learn it, Like it, Love it, Live it!"


Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

The Secrets to Leadership and how effective it is to your success.

Leadership can be hard to define. Leadership means different things to different people. What defines a great leader? Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Are you a leader now? Join hosts Koby Dumas and Isaac Desoto as the discuss the Benefits of Leadership and how you can use your leadership skills to further your success journey. 


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Nov 1

LaunchPad Replay - "Discover The Wonders Of Being An Entrepreneur"

Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

Being an entrepreneur has it’s benefits, but why do some succeed, and some don’t? Join us to hear the ups and downs of 2 young successful entrepreneurs.

 (AM 1620 Launch Pad  Replay with Host Isaac Desoto and Koby Dumas. 

Hate your job? Hate your Boss? Hate Your Life? Are you an Innovator? Do you want to take control of your finances, and destiny? 

Special Guests Young Entrepreneurs Kenny Espinoza and Brian Williams discuss the successes and challenges of building a successful 7 figure business. 

Tune in Live at www.kobydumas.com

Oct 18

LaunchPad Replay - "The Benefits of Hypnosis"

Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

Special Guest Darrin Johnson – Life Coach / Hypnotist

Hypnosis can be a controversial topic. What are some of the benefits of hypnosis? Can hypnosis help you with your confidence?  Do you lose control if you are under hypnosis? 

25% of the population is very difficult, if not impossible, to hypnotize, everyone else falls somewhere else in between. 

Hypnosis can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviors or to help you cope better with anxiety or pain. Darrin breaks down the myths, and the benefits of hypnosis, along with a few life lessons learned on his journey towards success. 

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Oct 11

LaunchPad Replay - "Flush out your fear and limiting beliefs"

Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

FEAR is temporary, REGRET lasts forever!! Today we discuss how to manage fear, so we can demolish our regrets.

When you’re afraid (of criticism, failure, and rejection), you’ll kill yourself trying to be perfect. Of course, the mask of perfection also separates you from what you most want: real intimacy, to be known, loved, and accepted for your true self. It causes you to settle. When you are afraid to take risks and chase after what you truly desire, you convince yourself that your less-than-glamourous -life, your relationships, your job, the dismal state of the economy and environment are as good as it gets.

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Oct 4

LaunchPad Replay - "Millennials And The Future"

Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

The mysterious Millennials, between the ages of 18 and 35 seem to have an inborn distrust for authority, and “red tape”. They are savvy with technology, self-sufficient,  Some say they are hard to deal with, others say they are the most educated generation. They are motivated differently, they are used to having information and answers at their fingertips. Are these statements true, or just stereotypes? Listen to this replay of Launchpad Radio with Host Isaac Desoto, and Koby Dumas and they discuss the Millennial mindset. 

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Sep 27

LaunchPad Replay - "Finding Inspiration To Succeed."

Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

Inspiration can be elusive, especially when times are tough. Listen to find ideas on how, and where you can find inspiration in your life.

Host Koby Dumas, (Your Personal GPS), Host Isaac Desoto, Guest Host Billy Stinnett discuss how inspiration has impacted them in their lives. When do you get inspired? Do you know where to find inspiration? What motivates you through your challenges?  You never know where or when inspiration will strike you. The key is to keep your eyes open, especially in the most challenging times of your life/journey.  

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Sep 20

LaunchPad Replay - "Love, Sex, and Relationships."

Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

Join us I speak with Intimacy Coach Jamilee McQuivey, Author of ‘Sensational Sex was God’s Idea?’  (Click Here) 

McQuivey, talks about her inspiration for the book, ways you can improve your sex life in a healthful and meaningful way. Maybe you will find a tip or two to re-kindle the spark in your relationship. 

So if you are prepared to find out how to have a better sex life with your spouse that is God centered, tune in to this episode. 

Tune in Live at www.kobydumas.com

Sep 13

LaunchPad Replay - "Self Healing and Personal Development"

Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

What if you gave some serious thought to allowing your body to heal itself? Do you want to discover your inner power? Experience more joy? Overcome negative patterns? Don’t miss today’s show! I will be speaking with an International bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and transformational mentor Tiffany M. Garvin where she will be talking about her journey, and explaining how everyone has the ability to transform your life from the inside out. 

Tune in Live at www.kobydumas.com



Silvain Songo president and founder of Bantu Entertainment was on the show and we weighed in on Continuity, Change and Cultural connections as well as 2018 Bantu Fest in Chicago Illinois.

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