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Launch Pad Radio™ is a weekly morning radio show hosted by Global Executive Media Success Coach Koby Dumas and Isaac DeSoto.

Launch Pad Radio™ emphasizes entrepreneurialism, coaching, and personal development.

With a guest list including best selling authors, public speakers, thriving entrepreneurs, fitness experts, regular everyday people and entertainers, Launch Pad Radio™ is able to touch bases on several different levels with multiple demographics.


What do Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Jeff Bezos have in common? Besides being billionaires, all three were impacted or inspired by people in their life that they called mentors.

If you find a successful person striving in all areas of life, you can almost always count on one or several excellent mentors that played a major factor in that persons life. Based on a recent study, mentored businesses increased their revenue by more than 83%, while non-mentored businesses only increased their revenue by 16%. If there was a person that could help you prepare for all of the challenges you face in the business / entrepreneurship arena, would’t you want to hear from them? How about a No Risk, No Charge, No Strings, Business Growth Program? . . . Look no further, Joining us on this topic is Speaker, Mentor, Strategist, Consultant, Coach , best-selling author, and Managing Partner and Principal Consultant for Hoyt Management Group Mr. Paul Hoyt! (The Awakened CEO System).

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Launch Pad Replay (Previously Recorded)

Life is a journey, you have ups, you have downs, but how do you get through it? Of course, there is no one size fits all solution, but you can always learn from someone else’s journey! Join us as Mr. Ruben Mata – Ambassador of World Peace, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur takes us on a journey from suicide to success! 

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JAN 30

Have you ever had that moment where while do something random or typical a sudden feeling of great realization came over you? Did you accept it or push it away? That great feeling in all actuality was probably your true passion calling you into action.

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Powerful stories come from powerful journeys, powerful journeys come from powerful people. Power people are built, tested and made through their challenges, and accomplishments.

Today on Launch Pad Radio Host Koby Dumas and Isaac Desoto will be talking to Author, Coach, Speaker Coach Kelley Porter about her rough journey in life to where she is now. . . Author of 8 books, keynote speaker, and life coach helping people and businesses Transform their lives worldwide! 

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JAN 16

What’s the number one thing we can expect for the future? That’s easy! Like the song says “I believe the children are the future, shape them and help them lead the way”.

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Self Sabotage is the number one killer of success! Todays discussion involves us taking a look at ways we can make sure we are not getting in our own way.

You can be impeding your own success without even realizing it! It’s a little thing called self-sabotage, it comes by way of a little voice whos main goal is to keep you in your comfort zone, in the “safe zone”. The truth is, success lies in your un-comfort zone, your challenges, and your failures. Today my very special guest Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur Mark Gereau and my co-host Isaac Desoto will be discussing how these things can be managed so that you can reach the success goals you desire. 

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Skip the resolutions. . . Plan, Prioritize, Execute, and Achieve with ease!

It’s always a good thing to always be improving. The New Year is always a good time to re-evaluate your journey, What are your priorities? Are things better this year than they were at the same time last year? Did you make any resolutions last year? Did you keep them? Today Host’s Koby Dumas and Isaac Desoto talk about ways to RESET and plan the life and success you want to achieve. Come join the conversation! 

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