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So you hate your job? NOW WHAT?

So you hate your job? NOW WHAT?

Ask yourself these questions……Are you working somewhere that you absolutely hate?What’s keeping you there? Would you like to quit, but feel trapped like you don’t have anywhere to go? I mean How bad do you really want out, and are you ready to make some changes so that you can move onto something you love?

The best way to get out of a negative situation at your employment is to focus on all the positives you can. If you can find something to appreciate–I mean getting paid is the reason you keep coming back right?–Once you start focusing on the positives about your situation, you’ll find it easier to notice other things to appreciate. . . . BUT WAIT, I’m still here.

What if you feel like there is just nothing positive about your job? It’s difficult trying to find positive energy in a new job, if you can’t gain some positive momentum from your present situation, you will simply attract another miserable job. – As I have, Some of you have done this several times already, . .

If you are not progressing, if you are living the same day over and over, perhaps you should change what you have been doing. Don’t think about it, JUST TAKE ACTION and DO IT! The results might surprise you.

Last year, in Los Angeles, California, I met a gentleman by the name of Michael Stevenson in one of his training (www.transformdestiny.com), he said a phrase to the class that I will never forget, it changed everything about the way I thought about myself, five words. . . .“When did you decide that?”

At the time, I had Never asked myself that question, for me, that ONE question opened a lot of doors. It allowed me to see that most of the time I was the one holding myself back!

In life, you have choices, If we started to ACT LIKE what we wanted to be or do, then our thoughts and feelings would follow.

Instead of trying to change the way you think about your job, begin to get a picture of yourself acting like you enjoy THIS job. Would you say or do anything differently? If you change the way you act for the better, you will begin to notice how much better you feel.

When you feel better, you find yourself in a more positive feeling place, with a new Energy which will either attract different situations in your current job or you’ll find yourself working in a new place that feels great!

Who knows–you may end up LOVING your current job! Or you may want to look into entrepreneurship with me!

Remember, YOU are in control! You have the power to control your response, taking all power away from any environment you encounter.

You never have to be stuck where you don’t want to be, you may have to exercise patience, but if you want to change, it can be done.

Stay Ambitious

Stay Fighting

Stay Brave

Stay Foucused

Stay Strong

but most of all,


Need help to stay POSITIVE? Pick one!


Don’t just DREAM big, DO big! Make it happen!

Koby Dumas / CEO/ PresidentBusiness and Life Coach /

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