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Complacency will stop you in your tracks!

Complacency will stop you in your tracks!

Becoming successful is not an accident!. If you don’t stay on top of your game, everything that you built can come tumbling down.

Once you start to make progress, don’t sit back and take it easy, this is a critical mistake that many new business owners make. They figure since they’ve worked hard to make progress, why not have a little rest and relaxation by treating yourself off to a vacation, or some time off. After all you deserve it right?

Wait. . . Not so fast! Let me warn you that the disease of complacency, it’s is a threat to the newly successful business owner, and it’s one of the most dangerous enemies standing in the path of your success.

You see it all the time and probably don’t even think twice about it. For example, You’re watching a game (Like the Super Bowl that’s on t.v. right now as I’m typing this blog) – or whatever your favorite sport is – and your team is ahead, It looks like they’re going to take the big ‘W’, and there is no doubt they’re going to win… . . .

Then, out of nowhere, it happens… They get complacent. This complacency is an easy thing to spot, especially by a frustrated, back against the wall, losing team.

The losing team can take advantage of the winning team’s complacent style of play, and before you know it, the team that was once winning can find itself in a fight to stay ahead, or even worse, fighting to take back the lead.

Everything is a balance, the opposite of complacency is momentum. The losing team knows that and can take advantage of it. If you lose your momentum – or voluntarily give it up – you’ll likely find yourself fighting to win, or even worse, giving up, or losing altogether.

The key is to not grow complacent. Being successful incorporates a successful way of thinking involving continual progress. If you are happy with where you are now, ask yourself this question: “What’s next?” Then create a plan that will move you to the next level. Get some help from someone that has already been successful on a similar path that you are traveling.

Don’t just DREAM big! DO big! Make it happen

Koby Dumas


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