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Carmen Bryan


"I had a phenomenal conversation with Host Koby Dumas and Co-host Isaac DeSoto on their Launchpad Radio Show. The unique format of the show provided time to fully discuss Discovering Leadership by unlocking your leadership greatness. Their questions were provocative and insightful and revealed they had done their homework. I highly recommend engaging and partnering with Koby and Isaac to entertain, educate and inspire their listeners to become a market for your message."
Orlando Ceaser
best-selling author / professional speaker
“Koby Dumas, Issac DeSoto and guests co-hosts gives you that welcome to the backyard on memorial day type of feeling which is awesome. They make you tall without forcing you to stand up. The questions they ask pull you into an enlightening conversation that can last for hours but goes by so quickly! We had a blast and we laughed as I shared my story and I look forward to returning soon!”
Allen J Bryson
Author/ Educator/ Motivational speaker
"Koby Dumas has the gift and skill to see your vision and take your project to a whole new level.
He will add value and get you the attention you
need to succeed."
Anthony Morales
inspirational speaker/ life
enrichment coach
“Koby Dumas is an awesome Branding Strategist who will help you with your blueprint to help you to see your success path clearly. He is the Drone Expert, your pictures will be taken to a new level. If you miss the opportunity to work with him, you will miss a whole lot! Partner with Koby to build your best brand.”
Aida L. Sanchez
Founder, The Arise Movement
"Koby Dumas is a credible and respected Icon/Life/Career Coach who displays the same talents and capabilities of a Fortune 500 CEO, and with a faithful following of clients and understudies he is the perfect example of what a true mentor is."
Isaac DeSoto
Producer/CO-Host at Launch Pad Radio
"Koby Dumas is one of the hardest working and selfless individuals I've ever hard the pleasure of working with. His work ethic and level of dedication is incredible, and his leadership is truly unmatched. He has helped me personally develop into the businessman that I am today. If you ever get the chance to work with Koby, I'd recommend highly that you take it."
Cody Hendrix
Customer Retention Specialist
"Koby is a consummate leader who loves helping people achieve their goals and dreams. I love working with this incredible, talented and successful entrepreneur!"
Raymond Johnson
VP of Logistics and Regional Sales

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